Lava Llama

Lava LLama Game Running Screenshot

Run like your life depends on it!

Enter into an 8-bit world with exciting 8-bit graphics and immersive 8-bit music as you guide your llama to 8-bit safety.

Lava LLama Game Jumping Screenshot

Dodge interesting and varied obstacles!

Discover new zones at altitudes high and low! Watch out for pineapples, pigeons and more!

Lava Llama Game Dangerous Fire Screenshot

Stay alive for as long as you can!

What caused this massive volcanic eruption anyway? How far will the lava go? Don't question the premise — JUST STAY ALIVE!


Check out our gameplay trailer!

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Lava Llama was made by a team of friends who have a passion for developing games. They have been involved in a variety of game development projects including Lava Llama (available now for iOS and Android), The Adventures of Dude Man, and Project Shadow. Will they make more games in the future? Maybe! For now though, all effort is being channelled into improving and promoting Lava Llama.

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